About Asia Direct Consolidators Inc. (ADCI)

ASIA DIRECT CONSOLIDATORS INC, offers a full range of multi-modal forwarding and transport services and facilities encompassing customer's clearance, Sea/Air Freight, Consolidation, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and Distribution. This joint strength effectively places ASIA DIRECT CONSOLIDATORS INC. in a position with the most expertise for the customers entire logistical requirements. Thus, ACDI is able to offer a total package from door to door logistic under one roof.

ASIA DIRECT CONSOLIDATORS INC. takes pride in serving its customers with service excellence which exceed us customer's expectations. The result is uparalleed freight management experience which enables us to solve any emergency or operatonal crisis and still ensuring quality of service. Our reputation has been established by serving local as well as major international companies throughout the years. This undescores our firm commitment of service quality and excellence in logistics.

Our History

. Was established on August 17, 2011, the company was founded by a highly trained and well experienced professionals which came from different forwarding companies. Our greatest strength is our knowledge and experience which helps us to look for unique solutions and to think "OUT OF THE BOX". Our commitment is to work hard to ensure the highest standard of service in the logistics industry.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best value to our clients in terms of servie quality and to establish long and lasting business relationships with our customers.

The right endeavors is to see the problems as challenges and opportunities to prove ourselves. Thus the spirit of achievement can drive us toward success. Today our vision is to meet the standard requirements of our clients.

Service and Professionalism

The company believes that each customer has unique needs and requirements. With that in mind, ASIA DIRECT CONSOLIDATORS INC., endeavor's to meet these requirements by customizing its services for each customer with a mission to fully provide integrated and cost effective solutions to cater all their needs. Company staff are experts from different sectors of transportation industry, which includes airfreight, ocean freight. The major priorities are to understand the needs or our customers, provide quality service that will benefit their business. In pursuit of excellence and efficiency ASIA DIRECT CONSOLIDATORS INC. personnel are all highly trained and motivated individuals who are knowledgeable and dedicated to the highest standards of quality services.